How It Works

Sitters on Standby Inc. is a placement agency.  We do in-home domestic care, eldercare, specializing in nanny and childcare.  Your SOS! When you need us!

Sitters on Standby Inc. is a recruitment agency valuing Christian principles. We recruit professional providers to place in your home to accommodate your childcare or eldercare needs according to your specific needs.  Your family is unique and so are our providers.  Our childcare providers all have a background in childcare either as elementary education students, teachers, daycare workers, seasoned mom’s or career nannies.  

Our eldercare providers have obtained experience from nursing, homecare, assisted living settings, caring for loved ones on a personal level, or pursuing higher degrees of education in a related area. They love extending their expertise to other families.  

Some candidates are qualified to assist with homework or are certified teachers that can professionally tutor your child/student.  

Our pool of candidates all meet the highest standards in qualifications including: CPR instruction, national criminal background check, sex offender background check, references, health and safety training.  

Sitters on Standby, Inc. has an in-depth interview process to ensure a comfortable match for your unique needs.  To ensure this comfortable match, a Sitters on Standby representative will assess your specific needs.  We key into detail assessing your familiy’s specific childcare, nanny or senior care needs.   We will then set up a suitable candidate(s) for you to meet. All candidates are hired and paid directly by the family. You negotiate your childcare, nanny or senior care needs and pay your provider based on their responsibilities. Sitters on Standby charges agency fees for placements. We can send you several candidates to interview if you desire for your placement needs. Some families have a one time need for a care provider or use on-going care provider services.  Continuity with the same care provider is important in our placement process.

Sitters on Standby, Inc. looks forward to speaking with you to match you with your unique provider/candidate.  Per email correspondence, Agency placement fee schedule can be requested as well as suggested care provider fees.