We believe that our seniors should be treated as we ourselves would like to be treated in our “golden years”, with love, compassion and a caring heart. Our mission at Sitters on Standby, Inc. is to deliver and serve our community with the utmost quality and highest standards. Sitters on Standby, Inc. has recruited professional in-home childcare providers, nannies and senior care providers who offer their exceptional service.  Sitters on Standby, Inc. enjoys the highest reputation for integrity.  We are truly blessed to offer such talented childcare and senior care candidates to take care of your family and these precious children trusted to our care.

  • Childcare professionals provide experience, nurturing, patience and FUN!!!
  • Eldercare professionals offer companionship, compassion, caregiver services and may share a laugh or two…

Sitters on Standby, Inc. offers professional childcare and senior care providers/candidates to help you in your home.  Sitters on Standby, Inc.  has recruited a lovely pool of care providers waiting to accommodate your childcare or senior care needs. YOU choose your special candidate ….. We have care providers available throughout the Western New York area waiting to meet you and your family!   Sitters on Standby, Inc. can take care of your unique care provider needs. Praising the Lord for our exceptional pool of care providers, their individual qualities and all they can offer your family!

  • In Home Childcare professionals
  • Nanny Care
  • Vacation Childcare
  • Special Needs Children (non-medical)
  • Eldercare (non-medical)
  • Housesitters
  • Transportation
  • Companion Aides
  • Personal Care Assistance
  • Respite Care
  • One day of service on an as needed basis, or 24/7 care